If your old system is giving you too much trouble please call me and I will help you purchase a new fast system for you and set it up .

Trying to do all these tasks on your own can take expertise you may not have and hours you wish you could have back, but for Bay Area Computer Repair technicians, getting set up is as simple as you picking up the phone. Our services include:

  • Enhanced Performance: Downloading critical updates from Microsoft or Apple, eliminating the useless bloatware that comes preinstalled on many computers, installing anti-virus software to keep you safe, and many other crucial components.
  • Performance Plus: Everything above, plus operating system recovery, email networks, and media playback software.
  • Home Customization: Make your computer yours with profiles, data transfer, account setup, and more. Includes all Performance Plus features.
  • Business Customization: All performance plus features, plus data migration for business and more.
  • High Security: Includes Home/Business Customization, along with a full system recovery DVD, more …..
  • Look at your laptop or notebook. It’s a pretty exquisite machine, and if you’re in the Bay Area, chances are good that you use it every day. After all, we’re in the tech center of the world, and the device you use says a lot about you. Looking closer, though, you might see a million little things that can go wrong, whether from a fall, an errant spill, or just normal wear and tear. It’s pretty easy to get paranoid about your computer, but the laptop repair experts at Bay Area Computer Repair are here to ease some of your fears.Our expert technicians can take on a wide range of problems at a very fair array of prices. We repair most brands, including Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Sony, Apple, and even custom-built computers. If it has to do with laptops, we can fix it. Our services include:
    • Virus and spyware removal
    • Memory replacement
    • Hard drive replacement
    • Keyboard repair or replacement
    • LCD repair or replacement
    • Installing operating systems for Mac or PC
    • Over heating Problem
  • We can also advise you weather it is worth fixing  vs. buying a new one

Remove your personal data from the old bad laptop and transfer it to the new laptop .