Hard Drive Data Recovery

Bay Area Computer Repair  is the first response in case of data loss. We will diagnose the issue and create a solution to retrieve your data, often without the need to resort to lengthy restoration methods.

If you are experiencing data loss immediately cease all activity on the affected hard drive, use of faulty hard disks will result in irrecoverable files.

We understand how important your data is and how important deadlines may be to you. Often times we have helped people recover their data with a quick and free phone or email consultation. Other times we’ve been able to fix user error and device misconfiguration and recover the data the clients have claimed was lost with a brisk on-site service.

If you are having problems contact us and get immediate and personal help, there’s no risk and no charge for a consultation!

However, if your data is truly damaged, or your hardware is broken, or your hard-drive is making clicking or buzzing noises you will need to contact a professional data recovery service. We recommend Drive Savers, they are experts at advanced data recovery and will literally take apart your hard-drive in a particle free “clean-room” to recover your precious information.

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We’re an authorized Drive Savers partner and by using their service through us you will get these benefits:

  • Automatic 10% customer discount
  • No data–No charge policy
  • Free shipping
  • Free evaluations on most services

So, firstly, contact Bay Area Computer Repairs. If we can’t diagnose and solve your issue  i will  contact the data recovery specialists at Drive Savers.


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