Bay Area Computer Repair Rates

Bay Area Computer Repairs strives to serve our customers with Excellence. Customer Satisfaction is our
#1 Goal. We provide professional, timely service at an affordable rate, charging up to half of what our competitors charge for identical service!!  We also offer On-Site Service as well as FREE local pick-up and delivery within 10 miles!! Take a look at some of our routine services and hourly estimates: Bay Area computer repair company that focuses on helping small businesses and residential clients get their tech in order. We love technology but, all too often, we see a struggle between humans and tech – our goal is to fix the problem and to educate the client in methods of preventing it.

Small Problems – Most of these problems usually take 30 Minutes to 1 Hour:

  • E-Mail Configuration
  • Outlook Support
  • Home Network Installation
  • File & Print Sharing for Your Home or Business
  • Modem Installations
  • Video Card Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Sound Card Replacement
  • Ethernet Card Replacement
  • Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Drive Replacement
  • Computer Case Cleanup – (Dust Cleanup)
  • Skype, ICQ, AIM, MSN Setup and Installation

Medium Problems – Most of these problems usually take 1 to 2 Hours:

  • Data Transfer from Old Computer to a New One
  • Writing Data to CD/DVD
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Registry Cleanup
  • Virus Detection and Cleanup
  • Windows Tune Up
  • OS installations

Operating System Installation – OS Installation usually takes 1 to 3 Hours:

Most computer repair companies charge residential customers up to $230 for on-site Operating System installation. With us you’ll pay only $75 – $105 for the same service .Our Service Rates are very affordable, our general Hourly Rate is $40/Hr with a 3 Hour Minimum not including parts if required. House call fee is charged if i have to travel to you  depends on your location .

After learning more about our rates, you are probably wondering how can we charge so much less than our competition without sacrificing service or quality? It’s simple – Our business runs on word-of-mouth promotion – if you are happy with our work you will refer us to your friends and family!!

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*Please keep in mind that these are estimates and that each scenario is different. Some computers may not have compatible software, some computers may not be functioning properly, therefore will require additional installations/more time for the project. Parts Prices Not Included