Bay Area & San Francisco

Computer Repair

Desktop and Laptop Service

I provide computer repair service for Apple Mac computers and Windows PCs from all manufacturers.

Data Recovery Service

Outsource your IT department to Bay Area Computer Repairs and save money.

Computer Optimizations

A slow computer means a productivity loss. I provide software optimization service and hardware upgrades, such as RAM and SSD upgrades.

Work with Residential Customers

I work with homeowners and renters with on-site support and off-site drop offs. I can come to your home, or you can drop off your computer to me.

My Mission

If you’re looking for computer repair services in Bay Area you’ve found the right tech. I specialize in both home computer repair and business computer repair services. I am certified and have over a decade of experience fixing computers.I specialize in hardware repairs and software troubleshooting. I will come to your location or you can drop the computer to my repair shop . BAY AREA COMPUTER REPAIR has the expertise your re looking for: PC repair or Mac  repair, along with the great computer repair rates . BAY AREA COMPUTER REPAIR aims to be sure that you get the best computer repair prices available along with the best customer service.

Computer Troubleshooting

I provide services such as troubleshooting PCs that won’t boot, overheating, slow performance, data recovery, SSD upgrades, ram upgrades, and more…

WiFi & Networking

I provide home network setups, WiFi mesh networking, smart home design, home theater integration, printer installation, and network backups.

Virus, Malware, Trojans, Spyware

Virus removal is one of our most requested services and we are happy to do on-site visits to your home or office. When a virus strikes, it’s important that you take care of it immediately, before it can seize your computer and lead to spiraling infections.